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Non-profit organizations play a very important role in the American economy and culture. They often involve a range of services within a community. Some also have reached the state and national level.

Certain rules and regulations apply to non-profit organizations depending on the scope of service. If you are thinking about starting a non-profit, expanding your existing non-profit or looking to expand your reach, you should consider securing the auditing services offered by Larson and Company of Utah.

Over the course of the last four decades, we have developed extensive experience working with a wide range of non-profit organizations. This has always been an essential part of Larson and Company’s client base. We have had several individuals who have served as board members for non-profit organizations.

Our representatives can work with you to develop a deep understanding of your organization and the provided services. We can then help you understand any potential regulations or opportunities that could be a factor.

This can also include auditing your financial statements to ensure full compliance with pertinent regulations. We can also help you to present clean financial statements which can serve as an important tool for attracting new investors.

If you have a non-profit organization in the state Utah and you need advisory or auditing services, you should consider calling 801-313-1900 to set up a consultation with the representative at Larson and Company.