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Deciding on the right accountant is an important decision to make for your small business. You want someone who is skilled and knows what they are doing. We want to make sure you are secure in your decision, which is why we’re going to give you some tips for choosing an accountant that fits right into your business.

Do background checks

Before signing, consider talking to some of your soon-to-be accountant’s clients. This can help confirm some of the qualifications and information about the accountant. It also gives you an understanding of the client relationship they hold in their business.

Interview several candidates prior to deciding

First rule: Don’t always offer the job to your first candidate. Make sure that you compare a selection of accountants with each other, and then determine who will best work with your business. When you are interviewing candidates, consider interviewing in a series of interviews. This can help define the accountant your business is seeking and help you gain some free advice.

Find someone that wants to save you money

Don’t find an accountant that is only looking to manage your accounts and complete your yearly tax return forms. Look for someone who is proactive and wants to find ways that could save your business money.

Be connected

Today social media makes it possible to dig a little deeper into the background of your prospective candidates. Consider using LinkedIn or other online networks to find out who your candidates are connected to, how they talk about their services, what their experiences is, and how other people talk about their qualifications.

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