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These days, it’s hard to watch TV during tax season without seeing ads for CPAs. The question that has to be raised is this: in what circumstance do you need a CPA to help you file your taxes?

Let’s take a look at a few of the situations in which you’ll likely appreciate the help of a CPA.

You own a side business
If you own a side business, such as an LLC or S-Corp, you’ll want to sit down with your CPA in October to begin tax planning for the following year. A CPA will also let you know if you’re making enough from a side-business that will require you to file estimated quarterly taxes. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want a CPA’s help.

You have multiple jobs
If you have multiple jobs – such as one full-time job and a slew of contracted, or 1099 jobs – you’ll want to visit with a CPA at tax time to make sure that you’ve paid enough taxes throughout the year, or to see if you need to pay taxes.

You suspect you have more deductions than you can find
A CPA can help you find all the deductions for which you are eligible. If you have multiple jobs, chances are you have a lot of legal tax write-offs that you don’t think about. A CPA will help you find these.

It’s easy to think that you can take care of your taxes on your own, but there are some instances in which a CPA is a huge help. If you’re not sure if you need professional help with your taxes, call Larson & Company today at 8013131900.