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These days TV and internet ads are filled with tax preparation software advertisements. Most of these claim that they make the process exceptionally simple. Tax laws continue to change year after year and these software companies try to keep pace with all the changes, to handle most basic tax preparation.

Unfortunately, if your business is selected by the IRS to be audited, even if you haven’t done anything intentionally wrong, the software companies will not represent you. This could potentially leave you with a mountain of complicated paperwork, and the looming threat of excess fees. This might even include legal fees.

Having your business taxes professionally prepared, saves you the time of having to enter numbers into the software system, and spares you the hassle of preparing your own taxes. My experience and education helps me to identify potential problems that might draw an audit and work to correct them before a problem arises.

Should you happen to be selected by the IRS for a random audit, I can present them with all of the correct and applicable documents, with a minimal amount of inconvenience to you.

Having your business taxes professionally prepared will spare you the time and money of trying to do it yourself. This allows you to focus on the day to day activities of running your actual business.

If you are interested in having your business taxes professionally prepared, please feel free to call me at 8013131900 to schedule a consultation.