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The business world today is full of do-it-yourself tax software and cookie-cutter tax services that offer to prepare your taxes for filing by April 15. These one-size-fits-all tax preparations might work for individuals and some small businesses, but they often cause red flags that can increase your company’s chances of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Here at Larson CPA, our team of certified and highly experienced accountants can prepare your taxes with total IRS compliance, minimizing your audit risk. We can also serve in an advisory role to reduce the tax burden impact to your future business growth.

Every year, tax laws continue to increase in complexity and scrutiny. Income tax accounting is an often-cited issue in reported material weaknesses. Our income tax accounting experts can help navigate the complexities and compliance needs under FAS 109, including FIN 48.

In a situation where you are required to report to IRS, we can help represent you. Our tax specialists will work directly with the authorities on your behalf. We will offer appropriate explanations and work to expedite the process with a minimal amount of stress to you.

Going forward, we will examine your tax records and weigh your goals. Then, our tax specialists can show you the steps you need to take to achieve your goals in a cost-efficient method.

If you need professional tax preparation and help with business planning, you should call Larson CPA’s office in Spanish Fork, Utah, at 801-313-1900 to speak to one of our accounting specialists.