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“Larson’s employees aren’t the typical, stuffed-shirt, no personality auditors. I actually look forward to their visits. They help us improve our city and they’re even good for a few laughs.”

– Susan, Santaquin City

Government Services:

  • Financial Statement Audit – Having audited and consulted over 30 government entities, our expertise encompasses all accounting and audit principles and regulations as promulgated by the Government Accounting Standards Board and in the Yellow Book. We strive not only to deliver a timely, cost-efficient audit, but also to be an interactive, readily available source of expertise to our government clients.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection – In light of recent local government fraud incidents, many government entities are investigating and implementing fraud prevention and detection measures within their organizations. To aid such entities in this process, we have developed a fraud prevention training seminar that will educate your staff in recognizing and addressing the three aspects of the fraud triangle: (1) perceived pressure, (2) perceived opportunity, and (3) rationalization. Also, our auditors are both qualified and available to conduct agreed-upon-procedures fraud audits.
  • Single Audits under the Uniform Guidance –The Uniform Guidance articulates the standards governing the expenditure of federal awards by states, local governments, and not-for-profit organizations. Because of their experience and expertise, our audit staff can both conduct your audit and assist you in understanding how to most effectively interpret and implement its findings.
  • State Legal Compliance Testing – We recognize that state legal compliance rules and regulations vary according to entity type (i.e., municipality, school district, county, and special service district). We have a thorough understanding of all state legal compliance rules and regulations, and we are proficient in conducting and evaluating tests in each compliance area (i.e., cash management, budgeting, fund balancing, and asset allocation).
  • Internal Control Analysis – We recognize the significance of regularly evaluating and monitoring your internal control system. With our extensive experience and expertise as a reference, we will assess the completeness of your current system and then make appropriate recommendations. We are also amply prepared and qualified to conduct a more thorough analysis of your system in an agreed-upon-procedures audit format.
  • Accounting Systems Consulting – Inefficient accounting systems not only drain your valuable resources but also prevent you from making well-informed, strategic business decisions. We can train both you and your accounting staff to implement and evaluate a system that is efficient, cost-effective, and informative. Specifically, we are proficient in using Caselle, one of the premier local government accounting software packages, as well as many other common government accounting systems.

For more information about our services for local government contact Russell Olsen.