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Every year millions of American families and businesses file and State and Federal Taxes, hoping for the maximum return or at least a minimum payment. In some of these instances the State and the Internal Revenue Service will randomly select specific returns for review and potential audit.

These notifications are typically sent out by mail. However, there are certain entities who will attempt to steal your personal or financial information fraudulently. You should never respond to an e-mail or phone correspondence from someone claiming to be an agent of the State or Internal Revenue Service.

You are required to keep documentation related to your tax claims, exemptions and deduction. In the event of the State or the IRS contacts you by mail, you will need to provide the requested documents within the stated timeframe.

Here at Larson Company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, we understand how complex modern tax laws can be for families and businesses. Even if you incorrectly filed a deduction or exemption without intending to defraud the State or IRS, you may still be required to repay the stated amount, as well as a potential fine.

Our representatives can work with you to help you understand the required documentation, how to archive it, prepare it and respond to the request. In an instance where you are required to pay a fine, we can also help with penalty abatement.

If you have recently been contacted by the State of Utah or the IRS related to a tax documentation issue, you should call 801-313-1900 to speak to one of the representatives at Larson Company.