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Starting and operating your own small business or entrepreneurial endeavor often calls for you to wear a lot of hats. Ideally, the greatest value to your startup is to spend as many man hours focused on your area of specialization while also minimizing the number of hours you spend in other operational tasks, like taking out the garbage and bookkeeping.

Of course keeping sound financials is about more than just having a relatively accurate understanding of your accounts payable and accounts receivable. Many startups seek out new investors or small business loans at some point in the process of growing the business. These entities will want to see polished books and sound financial analysis that tell them you are worthy of their capital. If you don’t have a background in accounting, this might be a tall challenge.

Fortunately, Larson Certified Public Accountants has a team of professionals that can handle your accounting needs at a minimal cost. This allows you to focus on your business vision and development and attract investment opportunities.

We can help you with basic accounting services, including payroll, general bookkeeping, and tax preparation. Our team can also help you develop a sound vision for your company’s future by advising you on budget forecasting, fundraising interest, strategic planning, insurance needs, and employee benefits. We can also help you with infrastructure set up and technical support for your networks and office technology.

If you own a small business and you’d like to stay focused on building your dream, you should call Larson Certified Public Accountants in Sandy, Utah, at 801-313-1900 to set up a meeting.