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Being audited by the Internal Revenue Service can have a serious impact on your business. Not only can the penalties and legal fees hurt your bottom line, but it can also result in lost man hours and damage to your professional reputation.

Here at Larson CPA we offer an audit defense service that addresses all of the important aspects of an IRS Audit. This starts with immediate compliance function, then moves on to more specific arenas of the audit process.

We provide assurance on the fairness of your financial statements as well as your finance committee members, management, your board of directors, and other related parties. We also evaluate consistency of your accounting principles and how they have been applied and from period to period.

Then we suggest methods you might want to consider to strengthen your internal control over financial reporting, which of course includes the safeguarding of existing assets.

For registrants with the Securities and Exchange Commission, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities, we also provide: Standard financial reviews, compilations, policy and procedural audits. This also extends to audits of the employee benefit plan and 401(k) investments.

Even if you are not being audited by the IRS, our counsel and services will make your business more efficient and draw less red flags from the IRS throughout the course of the fiscal year.

If you are being audited or you want to conduct an internal audit of your company’s policies and procedures, you should call Larson Certified Public Accountants at 801-313-1900.