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Insurance is a major industry designed to protect companies, properties and individuals alike. Unfortunately, insurance fraud can also be an issue that ultimately limits your company’s bottom line. Here at Larson & Company, we understand that insurance fraud and prevention might not be within the immediate scope of focus for your business. To increase your company’s chances of maintaining a healthy bottom line, we also offer insurance fraud prevention and detection services.

Outsourcing your insurance fraud services to Larson & Company comes with a number of benefits. Beyond letting you focus on operating your own business, we also offer a fraud prevention training seminar. This can help educate your staff in recognizing and addressing common aspects of insurance fraud.

This involves identifying and inspecting the three main elements of what is known as the fraud triangle. These elements are perceived pressure, perceived opportunity, and rationalization. This serves to identify the person’s motivation to commit fraud, which is often financially related. Then, it incorporates their opportunity to commit fraud. In most cases, this is related to their particular job duties or responsibilities. Finally, we examine some of the common psychological rationalizations that employees and other claimants might use to alleviate their own guilt.

If you’re concerned about potential insurance fraud stealing from your bottom line, call Larson & Company today to ask about our fraud prevention and detection services.