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Here at Larson & Company, our team of accounting and financial professionals have worked with more than 30 different government entities, providing a wide range of services. Our significant experience includes accounting and audit principles as well as an intimate understanding of regulations. This includes the Government Accounting Standards Board, commonly referred to as the Yellow Book.

Our professional staff strives to deliver cost-efficient and timely audit services. We believe in being interactive and a readily available source of information for our government clients.

In recent years, government costs and fraud-related issues have become an ever-growing issue that is very much in the public eye. As a result, many government entities and municipalities are investigating and implementing fraud prevention and detection measures within their organizations. Our professionals can aid in this process because we have developed a fraud-prevention training seminar that will educate your staff in recognizing and addressing the three aspects of the fraud triangle.

We can further help you with internal control analysis to help identify cost-saving methods or identify internal areas of inefficiency.

Our audit staff also has the experience and expertise needed to conduct your audit and assist you in understanding how to most effectively interpret and implement findings from a Single Audit in Accordance with the Uniform Guidance.

If you operate a government entity or municipality in the state of Utah and you are in need of audit, fraud prevention or internal control analysis services, you should call 801-798-3545 to speak to Russell Olsen, Government Audit Partner in our Spanish Fork office.