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Every year, tax laws and regulations grow in complexity. At the same time, the Internal Revenue Service gives increased scrutiny to business tax reporting and income tax compliance. Being asked to report to the IRS to answer tax queries or being directly audited can cause a significant amount of stress. At the same time, it can pull you, your business partners and your employees away from your operational responsibilities to invest time in tax defense.

Here at Larson CPA, our tax specialists can help represent you in your interactions with the IRS. Even if you are found in noncompliance with a particular regulation, we can potentially help you with tax penalty abatement.

In many cases, we can help reduce your penalty fee. Our tax specialists will investigate all pertinent claims on your behalf to determine if the penalty has been assessed correctly. In some instances, we can even help you find an alternative compromise with the IRS authorities.

Once your tax penalty has been resolved, we can help you with future accounting services to make sure you maintain compliance going forward. We can reduce your chances of future red flags that could cause another IRS audit. This can also include business planning, income tax payments, investment planning, and presenting clear financial statements to help you monitor your bottom line.

If you have recently been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service regarding a potential tax penalty, you should call Larson CPA’s office in Spanish Fork, Utah, at 801-798-3545 to speak to one of our accounting specialists.