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In the business world today, up to date technology and information management go hand and hand with small business success. At Larson CPA we understand that your small business might not have the free capital available to hire a full time IT Director. To help address this very important area, we offer outsourced technology services.

We have dedicated personnel that can visit your business as needed to provide monitoring services, troubleshooting and technology repair, antivirus protection, software installation, hardware upgrades, and server maintenance.

Of course as an accounting firm we can also install accounting software like Quickbooks Pro. We can also help train staff members on use of the software to manage and record some of your day to day transactions.

All of these services are offered at rates that are far better than hiring a full time IT employee.

All Larson Technology Specialists are highly trained and experienced in the IT industry. They understand the day to day operations of a small business and they are all dedicated to helping your business grow.

If you own and operate a small business and you need IT services, server management, tech support or you’re just looking to upgrade your existing system, you should call Larson CPA’s offices in Sandy, Utah at 8013131900 to set up an initial consultation.