The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) generally requires that people who handle funds or property of a qualified retirement plan, such as a 401(k), be bonded. So if your organization sponsors a qualified plan, it’s important to stay up to speed on your bonding requirements. These bonds are sometimes referred to as… Read more »

State of the Art Technology Services Is Critical Business Growth and Operations

Technology has become an ever presence and critical component of modern life. This is especially important in business operations and small business growth. Virus protection, technology infrastructure, technology upgrades, communication technology, and accounting software all play a pivotal role in maintaining smooth operations and the expansion of services. At the same time, many small businesses… Read more »

Protect your Nonprofit by Cross-Training Staff

What would happen if one of your not-for-profit’s key people suddenly quit or had to go on long-term disability? Would you be able to conduct business as usual? To prevent a critical function from possibly coming to a standstill, consider cross-training staff. Organization benefits Cross-training personnel means that you teach them how to do one… Read more »

Wellness at Work with the Mile-A-Day Challenge!

Wellness at work is one of the biggest challenges of being a professional. At Larson & Company, we encourage wellness among our employees through monthly challenges. This gives them the opportunity to become healthier in a variety of ways. For the month of July, Larson employees participated in a 30 Day Wellness Challenge:  Move a… Read more »

QuickBooks Online – Which Plan Is Best For You?

QuickBooks Online is becoming more and more popular to use for small business owners – and it isn’t hard to see why! With QuickBooks Online, you have the option to pay month to month, to download transactions directly from your online banking, and to add a payroll subscription if necessary. It is a web based… Read more »

How to avoid tax headaches when employees travel out of town on business

Business travel, an expensive and time-consuming activity for both the employer and employee, also can create tax problems for all concerned unless the rules are followed to the letter. If it’s done right, business travel will be fully deductible by the company (but only 50% of travel meals are deductible), tax-free to the employee, and… Read more »

Recent developments that may affect YOUR tax situation

The following is a summary of important tax developments that have occurred in the past three months that may affect you, your family, your investments, and your livelihood. Please call us for more information about any of these developments and what steps you should implement to take advantage of favorable developments and to minimize the… Read more »

Changes Are Approved for Life Insurers’ Calculations of Their Liabilities

Life insurers are in for a major change to the way they calculate their liabilities. A unanimous FASB on August 2, 2017, confirmed that life insurance companies must update at least once a year their assumptions from mortality tables, morbidity rates, and customer policy lapses when measuring liabilities for policyholder payouts. This will be a… Read more »

Using QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Can Help You Track the Growth of Your Business

If you have a small or growing business, then you likely need to track your profits and expenses over the course of each quarter as well as the entire year. If you aren’t a trained accountant, this can prove to be a daunting task to perform on paper. Fortunately, the professionals at Larson Company can… Read more »

Insurance Entities Need Specialized CPA Services

Sometimes breakdowns happen, even on the days you think you are most prepared. That’s why it’s a relief when a 24 hour service station can get you on the road again. Our highly specialized staff are “mechanics” you can count on. No one wants an inexperienced mechanic working on their car. Likewise, it’s not safe… Read more »