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If you operate a non-profit business or organization, then you’re aware that there are a large number of tax laws and government regulations associated with your yearly operations. In some cases, minor discrepancies in filing certain documents and tax statements can cause significant problems.

Here at Larson & Company, we offer accounting system consultation services to a wide range of non-profit organizations all across the state of Utah.

In the grand scheme of things, inefficiencies in your accounting system cannot only drain your valuable resources, but it can also prevent you from making well-informed, strategic business decisions. We can help you and your staff understand the most effective methods for implementing, utilizing, and evaluating your accounting system.

We can also help train all applicable personnel as well as your current accounting staff in a system that is efficient, cost effective, and informative. Our highly-trained and experienced team of certified public accountants, professionals, and auditors are here to help you determine the best way to manage your accounting system. This will help it work for your individual needs while meeting compliance with non-profit regulations.

If you operate a non-profit organization in the state of Utah and you would like an accounting system consultation, contact Christine Arthur at 801-313-1900.