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Easy to read financial statements and quarterly reports often help small businesses to attract investors and secure the short-term loans necessary for continued growth. It encompasses a wide range of documents and balance sheets including payroll.

Many small businesses have staff members playing multiple roles. Sometimes the person responsible for keeping track of the books also plays other important roles in the company. In some of these instances, it might lead to minor discrepancies in financial statements or books that aren’t easy to read for potential investors.

Here at Larson & Company we have a long history of providing small businesses with outsourced financial services. This includes payroll processing.

We have various offices throughout the state of Utah where our representatives offer you a variety of services that can be tailored to the specific characteristics of your business. If necessary. we can handle your payroll needs in their entirety or we can audit your payroll records on a quarterly basis as well as issuing your payroll tax returns.

We can also help train your staff to use QuickBooks accounting software, which can help you maintain easy-to-read financial statements throughout the year to keep track of all facets of your business.

If you have a small business that needs outsourced accounting or payroll processing services in the state of Utah, contact the Larson & Company office nearest you.