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If you have a startup company or small business, you likely have several roles and responsibilities. The Chief Financial Officer’s responsibilities are some of the most important duties that keep a small business growing. At the same time, bookkeeping, payroll, allocation of investments, insurance, and business infrastructure spending might not be something you or your partners are fully trained for.

Here at Larsen & Company, our highly trained and experienced accounting executives can help you outsource your company’s CFO responsibilities. This frees you up to remain focused on your area of expertise to help your business grow in the right direction.

Our CFO services include, but are not limited to, some of the following critical topics:

-Interim or part-time CFO Controller
-Helping to develop business plans that incorporate strategic planning
-Technical accounting assistance, payroll, and tax preparation
-Audit preparation
-Inventory and cost accounting

Our CFO services also include critical compliance aspects such as:

-SEC compliance
-GAAP compliance
-Stock-based compensation accounting

Compliance in these areas as well as keeping clear financial records can be essential for business growth. Not only does it ensure that you meet with pertinent government regulations, but compliance also helps attract the kind of new investors that can take your business to the next level.

If you have a startup company or small business in Utah or Southern Nevada and you need CFO or financial advisory services, you should call 801-313-1900 to speak to someone at Larsen CPA’s home office in Spanish Fork, Utah.