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The business landscape continues to change year after year. This includes changes in tax laws, tax provisions, allowed deduction, and other government regulations. Some small businesses don’t have a specific in-house certified accountant, and leave these tasks up to another staff executive. Even if you do have a dedicated accountant on staff, the task of preparing a year end financial statements, and new year projections can be daunting.

Fortunately, companies of all sizes and breadth in and around Utah can call on the professional tax preparation services of Larson Company. Our certified public accountants and other financial advisors can review your year end financial statements, as well as your upcoming annual business plan.

If necessary, we can also help provide you with staff assistance in preparing documents during this busy time of the financial year. This can include outsourcing or assisting with the minimization of exposure to material weaknesses and restatements, as well as preparing and reviewing in-house tax provisions. Our team of professionals can also help with quarterly and annual preparation and reviews, preparation of tax footnotes and any necessary disclosures.

If you operate company in and around the state of Utah and you need help with tax preparation, or review of your in-house financial statements, you should call 801-313-1900 to find the Larson Company office nearest you.