Finances can be a maze.

“Good” accounting is the basis of “good” financial decisions, no matter the size or sophistication of your organization. Every business deserves someone in their corner showing them better ways to spend and save money. Our accounting services can show you where you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Accounting Services Offered:

  • Bookkeeping: Depending upon your particular situation, your resources may be most efficiently used by outsourcing some or all of your book­keeping needs. We can do everything from servicing your bookkeeping needs in their entirety to reviewing your records on a monthly or quar­terly basis.
  • Financial Statement Compilation and Review: A financial statement is a key component of the information that is needed both to make well-informed, strategic decisions and to communi­cate financial health to such external sources as banks and business-credit institutions. To help you meet these needs, we can compile financial statements for you on either a regular or an as-needed basis. If your financial statements are already compiled, we can review them and correct any inaccuracies we may find.
  • Online Accounting and System Setup: Inefficient accounting systems not only drain your valuable resources but also prevent you from making well-informed, strategic business decisions. We can design a system for you, evaluate the system you have in place, recommend revi­sions, and/or help you implement changes so that your accounting system is efficient, cost effective, and informative. We can have access to your accounts and can give you needed advice and adjustments at any time.
  • Payroll Processing: As with bookkeeping, we can offer you a variety of services based upon your particular situation. We can do everything from servicing your payroll needs in their entirety, to review­ing your payroll records on a quarterly basis, to merely issuing your payroll tax returns.
  • QuickBooks Setup, Consulting, Training, and Support: We can set up your QuickBooks software to get you rolling on the right track. Or, if you’ve already set up with QuickBooks but think you may have missed a step, we can clean them up and set them in order. We also are available to answer questions, train your staff on how to use QuickBooks efficiently, and keep you aware of any new updates or changes.
  • Business and Individual Tax Planning: At Larson, we are an excellent resource to individuals and businesses regarding all tax issues, not just income taxes. Quite often a small business is intricately tied to a family’s finances and tax situation, making it equally as important to have your business’s taxes in order as your own personal taxes. Our tax professionals have both the expertise and experience to analyze your situation and then guide you through the most efficient tax plan for you and your business.
  • Basic Accounting Training: We recognize that many small business owners are novices not only in terms of their experience as proprietors, but also in terms of their basic accounting knowledge. This said, we are happy to provide you with training in basic accounting vocabulary, rules, and regulations that will allow both you and your business to get off on the right foot.
  • Accounting Software Training: We can help you select and then customize your accounting program so you can best organize and utilize your accounting records. We can also provide you with technical support as you proceed to accumulate and record your day-to-day business transactions.

A proven method.

The Larson method consists of the following steps:

Assess your current situation
Design a financial plan to get you where you want to go
Implement an efficient system
Interpret your resulting data
Use the results to make “good” financial decisions

For more information about the services we provide in accounting in Spanish Fork, Moab, St. George, and Salt Lake City, Utah, please contact Richard Scoresby.