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The first fiscal quarter every year is often a time of frenetic activity throughout the business world. Business plans are being developed, financial statements are being prepared, tax documents are sent to employees and taxes are filed with the internal revenue service.

This is also a time when identity thieves move into action, attempting to intercept transmitted financial data and tax documents that are rich with information they can use to exploit your identity.

Larson & Company’s certified public accountants and other financial specialists advise businesses and individuals to take proactive steps that can help protect against identity theft.

Updating all your cyber security measures is, of course, very critical. This includes antivirus and malware software as well as frequently changing your passwords. It’s also important to choose strong passwords with capital letters, varying numbers and other characters.

You should also monitor your checking and savings accounts frequently to catch any unauthorized activity early on. If you notice a problem, you should contact your bank as soon as possible to have the account frozen.

Any physical documents with personal information should be thoroughly shredded before they are discarded. Any important tax information that is stored electronically should be removed from your email and placed on a hard disk.

If you need further help protecting yourself or your business from identity theft, set up a consultation appointment with one of the representatives at Larson and Company.