Given the current legislative environment surrounding captive insurance companies, the importance of working with a quality captive manager is as strong as ever. An experienced captive manager can help to ensure that new captives are set up as a bona fide captive arrangement, and help keep existing captives updated on the ever-changing captive insurance regulations.

Below is a compilation of the top 5 captive manager qualities Larson & Company has observed while working with captive managers who manage our clients.

  • Experience in managing the type of captive being formed, or currently in operation.
  • Provides accurate and timely information, keeping the owner up to date on the operations of the captive.
  • Responsive in communicating with parent company and business partners affiliated with the captive.
  • Provides guidance and advice related to the industry and recent legislative developments.
  • Maintains a strong relationship with regulatory agencies and provides timely assistance in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

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