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If you have a small or growing business, then you likely need to track your profits and expenses over the course of each quarter as well as the entire year. If you aren’t a trained accountant, this can prove to be a daunting task to perform on paper.

Fortunately, the professionals at Larson Company can help train you and any other applicable staff in QuickBooks accounting software. This will also include in depth training in the Chart of Accounts feature.

This aspect of QuickBooks keeps an active tally of bank accounts, equities, assets, liabilities, income accounts, and expense accounts. The feature is completely customizable and can be adjusted to the specific needs and aspects of your business.

As the year or fiscal quarter progresses you can add new accounts or make specific edits to existing accounts. This can also reflect current debts, active loans, and other key features that factor into the long term growth of your business.

QuickBooks can also help you to present clear and easy to read financial statements. This can prove very beneficial for attracting the kind of investors and loans you need to keep your business growing in the future.

If you have a growing business in the Salt Lake City, Moab, or St. George, Utah area and you would like QuickBooks training you should call 801-313-1900 to speak to a Larson Company representative.